One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time… Now Released and Available for Purchase



One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time… by Peggy Kan Hai is now available in Paperback Edition…

This book can be made available through EBook upon request, but I highly recommend to get the full impact you purchase this, share this, experience this book in a manner that allows you to connect with it best… I know everyone is into the digital thing and reading kindles, nooks, and online. I do it as well. But certain types of books the soul of the book just isn’t the same when it’s digital. You cannot hold it, and feel the spirit and heart that was put into it’s creation.

A book of inspiration is timeless. In my opinion Inspirational books are the type of books you don’t read once and then have just live upon a shelf never to return too again. Inspirational books are something you honestly do continue to come back too. Having them in hand, and not saved to a file on your electronic device helps keep you focused on the positive goals you are trying to achieve. Helps you live a life full of inspiration, and one where you share it with others. And when you go to dust your coffee table, end table, or wherever this book finds a home, you won’t just disregard it like a magazine that is almost weightless. This baby weighs over 2.5 lbs and is 8.5 x 8.5 in size and 428 pages. You won’t miss it, trust me. This will help remind you why you bought this book and help keep you on a path of positivity and inspiration…

Please navigate through the website and check out the preview of the book. You can purchase your copy today 🙂

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