Preview – One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time…

Here you will find a sneak peak into “One Breath… One Step… One Day At A Time…”

For anyone looking for a little inspiration, positivity and motivation, look no further. This book is packed full of 365 “Daily Inspirations” to get you through your entire year…You can read it any way you choose; from start to finish, skipping around, reading one page to start your every day, or doing one of my favorite things; opening it wherever it ands and seeing how that applies to your life, to your day, to you!

You will find at the start of each week a beautiful photograph that in itself should bring about positivity, thought, maybe a smile… Then there is 7 pages that follow to fill your week with inspiration and friendly reminders of what really is important in this life…And the weeks continue, until another incredible year has passed… One you will have filled with positive change, inspiration you found within you, shared with others, and so many blessings throughout…

For several years now I’ve been writing what my family and friends have called “Daily Inspirations” and sharing them with those I love on our social network pages or via email… So many people have encouraged me over the years to write a book filled with my “Daily Inspirations.” Some friends call them their “morning cup of coffee”, their “shot of positivity”, their “daily pull my head out their butt reminder.” Whatever the name of what’s shared, there has been an amazing reaction to them over the years. Enough so that once I didn’t write for a weeks time, and I received over 200 emails, texts and calls from friends asking if everything was ok, where I was, what happened, and many saying they were in withdrawals from not having their morning coffee anymore. lol.

This is a wonderful book to gift yourself, or anyone that you feel could benefit from having a place to turn too that gives them some added inspiration, and that they can continue to find with every turn of the page. Difficulties happen throughout our lives, and often people tend to focus more of their precious energy, thoughts, time and life on the negatives… in doing so, so much positive is overlooked, missed and wasted. If you awoke this morning at all and drew breath, you’ve been given an incredible gift, and it seems such a shame to waste even an ounce of that gift focusing on the things you don’t like, rather than those you do.

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